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“Nagyon Boldog Karácsonyt kíván egy hallgatójuk a világ másik végéből,
a be-nnem-havazott 3 ezer méter magas Quitóból: szeretettel Katalin
2010 Dec 22.”

“Sydneyben, András fiamnál tartozkodok, Szegedről. Vele készített riportjukat hallottam, nagyon tetszett, gratulálok kíváló műsoraikhoz. Nyugdíjas orvosként örömmel vagyok Ausztráliában, szívesen hallgatom a rádióadásaikat N. Sándor”

“A Salzburgi Magyar Kör üdvözöl Benneteket.
A rádiótokat hallgatom...
K. Péter”

“Szeretném ha több híreket, tudósításokat, riportokat sugároznának az Erdély-i magyarságról is. Nem csak Magyarországról.
L. Árpád Marosvásárhely”

“Drága Austral barátaink, ugyan rövid volt a találkozás de nagy felüdülést jelentett Tibor barátomnak és nekem is látni hogy a Magyar kultúráról és nem utolsó sorban a Magyarokról sem felejtkeztetek meg ott a világ másik felén. Köszönjük a kellemes órát amit veletek együtt tölthettünk és hogy bele tekinthettünk professzionális szorgoskodásotokba
O. Zoltán (Mainz) és
K. Tibor (Pécs)”


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Diflucan tablets over the counter (you'll have to order it at a pharma store, if you want to buy it). I found that they have very little vitamin C in them, and all seem to be quite expensive. If you take them every day and keep up with your daily intake, you should be fine. Erythritol is a water-soluble sugar alcohol (usually in the 50-100mg/kg range) which is naturally found in fruits like bananas, which many people don't get to eat anymore since they were genetically modified. Some research has shown that Erythritol may reverse diabetes by lowering blood sugar, though it cannot predict the outcome of these cases in an individual. Erythritol and other types of sugar alcohols may be useful for diabetics and those with diabetes, because they can act as "starch buffers." This means that people with diabetes have less glucose to work with and therefore their blood glucose levels are less prone to rising and falling. Also, when taken by itself, Erythritol does not raise blood sugar immediately like regular glucose. It takes about a week or so for the sugar to enter your system. Some other notes: Stevia is a plant-sourced sugar alcohol naturally found in stevia leaves. Some people find that it isn't as sweet other fruits, though others swear by it as a natural sweetener. is blend of stevioside and eugenol. You will have to buy Stevia for this work, and it's pretty expensive for a small jar. If you can find dried stevia leaves and grind them up, you can make a much cheaper tasting substitute. You can buy powdered versions of Stevia, if you prefer, which may be less sweet. If you buy stevia powder, make sure it isn't irradiated. Some people also have trouble finding their own Stevia-infused teas, so these might be useful to try if you haven't met your own Stevia needs (or you want to save money.) It's important note that Stevioside does not produce any of the same symptoms as it does when consumed at dosages much higher than 50mg/kg. The symptoms, though, are intense. Kirk Cameron Director When people are made, God is their father. When people are born, God is their mother. The Church has made, raised, and protected children from birth to the end of time. That is an important piece of the puzzle existence God. God's nature is revealed through the way he has guided us out of our mothers wombs and created us into loving members of His Spirit Family. In 2002, the Church publicly unveiled its policy that all children must be baptized if they have a parent (male or female), godparent (man woman) who's "obviously" the parents of little person they're born into (even before birth).
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